Shavanna Photo Shoot

shavanna-family-photoshoot6Shavanna contacted me through my website and said she wanted to surprise her boyfriend, Mike, with a photo session on the Texas Tech campus to celebrate their 4th anniversary.  We met at the campus a couple of days later, but the wind and cold were too much to allow a successful shoot.  

So the next day with warmer temps and no wind, we set out on the campus with their wonder dog, Dakota.  For the next hour and a half we got some great shots at several locations I have used before and a couple of new ones that we lucked into while walking around.  

Dakota was having a great time checking out all the new smells and was excited to see all the new sights.  But we managed to keep her focused on the camera for a few good shots.  Shavanna and Mike were a lot of fun to work with and their enthusiasm came through in the photos.  Check them out in the “Family” gallery.