Shavanna Photo Shoot

shavanna-family-photoshoot6Shavanna contacted me through my website and said she wanted to surprise her boyfriend, Mike, with a photo session on the Texas Tech campus to celebrate their 4th anniversary.  We met at the campus a couple of days later, but the wind and cold were too much to allow a successful shoot.  

So the next day with warmer temps and no wind, we set out on the campus with their wonder dog, Dakota.  For the next hour and a half we got some great shots at several locations I have used before and a couple of new ones that we lucked into while walking around.  

Dakota was having a great time checking out all the new smells and was excited to see all the new sights.  But we managed to keep her focused on the camera for a few good shots.  Shavanna and Mike were a lot of fun to work with and their enthusiasm came through in the photos.  Check them out in the “Family” gallery.

Covenant Vendor Fair | Family Sessions


phillips 5Covenant Hospital recently adopted a program that allows local businesses to enter into an agreement to provide discounts to Covenant employees and their families. I was fortunate to be chosen as the only photography business to be included in the program. One of the perks for the businesses was to set up a booth or display at a vendor fair at the hospital. We offered a special discount for a photography session and had several people sign up. I am including photos from one of those sessions here. It is a family shoot for Michelle and Jason Philips, their son Coleton, and their faithful wonderdog T-Rex. We went to a local park and even though it was late fall and most of the flowers and foliage had wilted or died, we still were able to find some good locations.

rider 2The second group of photos is of Jill and Toby Rider and their son Alex. This shoot was booked from another vendor fair that was sponsored by Texas Tech. We used the same park since it has so many good locations to choose from and is centrally located in Lubbock and easy to get to.
There are a couple of other families that have signed up for the discount, but the weather has not been cooperating. We may have to wait until spring if the cold and snow and ice keep up the rest of the winter. But the discounts will still be good.

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blayke 3Blayke's Photo Session


Blayke is the precocious four year old daughter of Chelsey, a friend of mine who also happens to work for me. Chelsey wanted to get some portraits of Blayke as Christmas gifts for family members. She bought Blayke a new dress and some low silver heels that made her look like a little princess. We brought in a short cabinet with some rich mahogany tones and a couple of props for some character. The background was a mottled brown soft fabric. The light on the cabinet was from a studio light with a snoot ( an 8 inch long tube on the front of the light to focus the light and keep it from spreading). The background was very dimly lit by another studio light on the floor behind Blayke with barn doors to limit the light spread. I wanted the background just barely lit so Blayke would stand out more against it. The only lighting on her was from a soft box about 45 degrees to her left and about 6 feet away.

We shot about a dozen different poses and exposures. These are the three I liked best>>. Oh, and in the last shot she is holding Ranger, who did not want to cooperate.

Lubbock Avalance Journal: Lane Anderson Photography


I would like to thank the Lubbock Avalanche Journal for allowing me to introduce myself and my work. 

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