Client Guidelines

Guidelines for photo shoots

1.) Makeup should be applied in moderation unless it is integral to the shoot, such as fashion or some glamour shoots. Too much eye makeup, overuse of rouge or other skin coloring products, overly bright lipstick all tend to look exaggerated in the prints or on the computer screen.

2.) Clothing that is very bright or very dark should be avoided. It is difficult to achieve proper photographic exposure if the camera’s meter has to deal with an extreme range of light or dark. Checks and vivid stripes tend to result in a busy or cluttered look that detracts from the subject’s face and other features. But, as with makeup, the purpose of the shoot may dictate just that kind of clothing.

3.) This doesn’t mean you have to appear plain or drab, either in makeup or dress. The above are simply guidelines that can be modified to fit the kind of look the client wants.

4.) Most photo sessions will last from one to two hours at the most. Both the client and the photographer tend to become fatigued and lose focus after much more than an hour. There is an old saying that nothing good happens after 2 AM. In photography, not much good happens after about an hour and half of shooting. If the desired results have not been achieved in that time, then it is best to schedule another shoot when everyone is fresh.

5.) Most of the time it is ok to have another person at the shoot. As long as they don’t get in the way or impede the flow of the shoot with too many comments or suggestions, then I have no objections if it makes the client more comfortable.